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Some Tips If You Have Hurricane Sandy Property Damage

November 1st, 2012 · 2 Comments

I hope you don’t , but so many of us do. It’s stressful and gives everyone more   to deal with. I don’t know about you, but when I saw the radar map just about two hrs before the storm hit the Jersey shore, I said holy cow, we are getting more of the brunt than I expected. The power has finally come back on in my small niche of the ‘hood and it’s stopped raining for now.  It’s amazing how much more relaxed I feel just not having to be in the rain.  I know many of you are still without power and I hope the next few days go by quickly and things get resolved.

If you had damage, you need to make an insurance claim.

Howard Hanna has issued some tips  I want to share with you,  regarding insurance claims due to property damage.

· Don’t Wait: Get in touch with your insurer right away to get the claims process started.  In the event of a serious dis­aster like Sandy, many will be filing claims, so try to get a jump on the process.  Also, some insurers have time limits on how long they will honor a claim.

 If possible, you will want to have a copy of your insurance policy on hand to review, as well as the policy num­ber to reference.

 · Record Damages: You should document the damages that occur in your home, whether it be with photographs or video.  Be sure to capture each piece of property that was damaged and save not only the record, but the property it­self.  Your insurance claim adjuster will usually want to inspect the damaged property. 

¨ Taking inventory on your belongings can be a great help in the claims process.  For an easy site to create and store your inventory, go to Knowyourstuff.

· In a pinch, ask credit card companies for statements on old purchases.                 

 · Prevent further damage: Taking precautions to prevent further damage, such as boarding up a broken window, throwing a tarp over a leaky roof, etc., can spare you additional expenses and trouble. 

 · Keep Records: Document conversations and contact involving the claim.  Also, keep receipts for all repair and re­placement costs, from hardware store supplies to living expenses.  This can be important in making the process run smoothly, particularly if you reach a disagreement with the insurer.

 · Hold off on spending:  Don’t spend too much on temporary repairs prior to the adjuster inspecting the damage.  Wait until you know what your claim is worth before you shell out to have it fixed.

 · Be Weary of Frauds:  Con artists have a history of taking advantage of disaster victims while they wait for their in­surance payments.  Be sure that you have trustworthy repairmen/contractors on the job.

 · Be Patient:  If your claim is due to a climate disaster in the area, your neighbors are also trying to file home­owners insurance claims.  Typically, the most severely damaged homes will be dealt with first.



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