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Did you know there is an IRS tax credit for biking to work?

April 5th, 2012 · 2 Comments

I did not know. I think it’s new in 2012.  Found this Green City Blue Lake article on findings on how to lessen traffic congestion in the University Circle area.  Naturally, biking was listed as  one way to do this.  University Circle IS one area where many employees live close by so biking could be an option and employer perks could help.  The article is interesting.  It also mentions limiting single occupant car trips.  Not sure how that happens or how realistic it is. 

I do like the idea, since RTA services the area well, of a special employer monthly fee for unlimited trips on RTA. 

Back to the new IRS Bike Tax Credit.  Employers don’t have to pay a tax on monies they provide to employees for biking.  And employees don’t have to pay taxes on the money they receive.  That part sounds like a win-win.

Are there now or have there ever been, any successful ways to encourage car pooling? Cleveland (or NE Ohio in general) has not really been known for being a car pooling kinda place. But I know it does happen.  Works best of course for people who can arrive at work and then leave at the same time every day.   I car pooled with a fellow student when I was in grad school and student teaching back in the late 90s.  We drove from Strongsville to Pepper Pike every day so we alternated driving responsibilities.  That’s the last time it’s worked for me.  What would be good incentives for car pooling? Monetary? Extra vacation day a year? I have no clue.  Maybe lower stress levels from not having to commute by yourself are enough? Usually not lol.

Anyway, Green City Blue Lake is a thought provoking  website and just thought I would share. 

This Bureau of Labor Statistics pdf shows various types of workforce subsidization that employers are using in the U.S.  If I’m reading it right, it says that 6% of the workforce offers commuting benefits and wellness programs seem to generate the highest percentage across the board…34%.  

Hope you are all enjoying the early Spring!



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