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Any Advice About Refrigerators? Do I Need A Full Sized Frig?

December 2nd, 2012 · 1 Comment

We have pet peeves. Things that bug us, that we just don’t like.  For me, it’s refrigerators.  Yes I know they are quite useful and I couldn’t live without one.  But they are bulky and ugly, even if built into a cabinet compartment and stainless steel, for me, doesn’t improve my mood about them.

When I lived in Lakewood the style of house made the issue non-existent for me. The frig was in the hallway! Five steps from my kitchen but not IN the kitchen.  It was like dying and going to heaven. Then I moved to Cleveland and the regular, hulking frig stood smack at the end of a wall, sneering at me every day. I moved it to the other end of the wall which helped a bit but still, butt ugly.  It died about three years ago and I was elated.  I borrowed a tiny cube style frig because I really didn’t want to buy a big one. It was too small of course.  Now I have a three ft high stainless steel frig with a freezer.  Truthfully, I would like one a bit larger because I could store more fresh veggies and wider storage containers and of course, if I cooked a turkey forget it, nothing else would fit in the frig.

Yeah, I know, I probably sound insane to you.  But aesthetics make a difference in a home, yes?  For me, the ideal frig would be my height (5 ft tall) and no more than 24 inches wide.  And of course, being in real estate, I know a frig is important for resale. But I’m not moving at the moment and why should I put a honking big frig in my house?  Will it save me money (I can cook larger quantities of food at once and freeze or store it) ? Or will the additional electrical useage  use up any economic benefit?

Sometimes I show a house and the kitchen is about 10×10 and ther sits a huge (ok, standard sized) refrigerator taking up half the kitchen.

These are the things I’m pondering today :-)  Advice appreciated.  Is this a pet peeve of yours or am I just a tad weird.

By the way, if this is an issue for you too, I found this link about smaller frigs  – check out the comments, there are people who (phew) also don’t want large refrigerators.



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